Key Person

  • At our nursery we operate a ‘Key Person’ system. A key person will be allocated to you and your child as soon as possible after your initial visit or first session. We hope our Key Person system provides you and your child with a sense of security.

    What is a Key Person?

    stickman1A key person is a named person who will take responsibility for a group of children. The key person is responsible for getting to know each child’s abilities and needs. We hope you will share information about your child and his/her family as this will allow the key person to maintain a continuity of care and ensure collaborative partnership working between home and the nursery setting.


    Settling In

    At Fun Farm Day Nursery your key person will meet with you during your ‘settling in visits’. During this time they will discuss your child’s individual routines, the people who are special to them, and their likes and dislikes to ensure that this is incorporated into the daily care of your child. They will also carry out an ‘Assessment on Entry’ with you and this will help the key person to gain knowledge about what your child has already achieved and the key person will use this assessment as a guide to build on what your child can already do. Each key person has a sound knowledge and range of skills to enable them in providing parents with advice and guidance and supporting any concerns with starting nursery or completing transitions from room to room and onto school.

    The advantages of having a Key Person System

    stickman2The advantages of having a key person system are so that parents/carers have a named person to whom they can talk to who knows their child well. For babies in particular, the security of a consistent carer is maintained and the key person will usually be the person who helps to settle them in and cater for their physical and emotional needs (i.e. feeding and nappy changing).

    Where a baby is unable to express their needs verbally the key person will be able to ‘tune’ into them by observing them closely. Children will get to know their key person and be able to use that relationship to develop a secure base within the nursery to gain confidence and develop independence. Children will be allocated a second key person due to staff holidays, sickness and shift patterns, who will be just as knowledgeable about your child as their key person to ensure clear communication is maintained.