Our Rooms

  • BABY ROOM – 6 months to 2 years (although we may be able to take babies from 4 months old)

    Our bouncing babies and terrific toddlers have free flow access to two beautiful rooms. Our stunning rooms boast high ceilings and beautiful bay windows that let in masses of natural light. The first room is an active space for lots of creative and messy play activities as well as our cosy eating area for those all important journeys experiencing first tastes and textures at meal and snack times. The second room is a lovely quiet cosy space which offers a variety of activities and resources to explore including our cute cosy corner and a beautiful baby sensory area.

    We try to ensure a smooth transition from home to nursery and give parents and our babies plenty of support to ensure this happens. We hope by providing a home from home environment your baby will be surrounded by familiar things found in their homes. We encourage parents to share as much information as possible about their little one during those all important settling in sessions to ensure we can help the children feel as comfortable as possible right from the beginning of their journey with us!

    LITTLE LEARNERS ROOM – 2-3 year olds

    Our Little Learners have free flow access across 3 rooms in the upstairs of our building….. the play room is an exciting space for children to grow and develop their sense of imagination featuring resources that help build up a sense of awe and wonder for their growing minds. The activity room includes a variety of table top activities as well as our little circle time/cosy area which is the hub of our rooms and where we gather together for group activities and special times. We also have a fantastic messy play room featuring a whole host of creative crafts and messy playopportunities to help develop those all important creativity skills and for children to explore new experiences.

    The daily routine in the Little Learners Room has a more structured approach to learning and play. We combine a balance of child-led play with adult-initiated learning, specifically designed to develop your child’s creativity, caring for others and social skills, as they establish their own identity.

    PRE-SCHOOL – 3-5 year olds

    Our Pre-School children have free flow access across 3 exciting rooms in the upstairs of the building. The classroom is the hub of our pre-school and offers a more structured routine and environment which helps to start building skills ready for the transition to primary school at the end of their pre-school journey. The classroom includes our circle time area which is a big part of our day allowing the children time to come together as a group and make plans for their day. The play room boasts a host of wonderful resources aimed at developing the children’s imagination and sense of adventure and exploration. The children also have access to the messy play room where they can devote time to developing their creativity and those all important mark-making skills which will start to set them up ready for their move to school.

    The pre-school includes a whole host of exciting extras including weekly PE sessions, home learning activities, library books and specially focused topics and activities. By the time the children are ready to spread their wings and venture into the big wide world of ‘big school’ our aim is to ensure they have the right social, emotional and physical skills to be able to see them transition as smoothly as possible.