What do we like to eat

  • The Nursery provides children with a snack mid morning and mid afternoon. The Department of Health provides milk for children who are over the age of one. If your child doesn’t like milk, water will be provided; juice will have to be provided by parents. In all the rooms in the nurseries drinks are offered throughout the day and available when the children would like one. We have drink stations in all rooms.

    Beakers/bottles and cups are provided but if your child likes a particular style or prefers juice please bring this with you.



    Fruit: apples, bananas, pears, oranges, pineapple, kiwi, tomatoes

    Vegetables: Peppers, cucumber, carrot, celery

    Other snacks offered: raisins, breadsticks, cheese chunks


    Chicken and leek crumble mash and broccoli

    Tomato and spinach pasta

    Country chicken casserole with chunky wedges



    Ham and cheese wraps

    Bagels with pineapple and cream cheese

    Beans on toasted muffins

    Example Yummy Scrummy Puds:

    Fresh Fruit, Chocolate Brownies, Yoghurts, Peaches and Cream and Bananas and Custard.

    If your child has any food allergies or special dietary requirements please inform us of this on the admission form. We will aim to provide a healthy and varied diet for your child. Children can learn a lot from lunchtime. It is a wonderful time in which children can socialise with their peers and develop their social skills. Babies will be fed as and when parents wish us to do so and dependant on their particular stage of development. Staff are more than happy to help in the process of weaning your child. We also positively promote baby led weaning. If this is something you wish to encourage with your child then please let us know.


    Baby-led weaning

    Baby led weaning means forgetting baby purees and spoons and simply letting your baby feed themselves, this also allows the children to explore different textures. Babies love to copy siblings and try to grab food from their plates and are often much happier if they are allowed to feed themselves.

    Baby-led weaning involves offering your little one finger foods, like softly cooked carrot sticks, broccoli spears, or fresh apple and cucumber. At this stage, your baby will only be able to wrap their fingers around objects to hold them, so foods should be easy to grasp – the shape of a chip is ideal.


    If your baby can’t manage something, try not to worry too much, as their natural gag reflex will normally help them cough it up or spit it out. Remember, you should never leave your baby alone when they are eating.

    You could also mix finger foods with soft purées but instead of spoon-feeding your baby, simply place a spoon of purée on their tray and let your baby go for it! This will help your little one learn how to use cutlery all by themselves.